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bitchy | Deranged royal biographer Angela Levin cried Karen tears when she got pushback


Since Queen Elizabeth II passed, the Royal Rota has been going through some things. The British royal commentators and reporters have always believed they have the franchise on all things royal, that they are the sole royal translators to international audiences. They’ve been hired to do commentary on American and international networks following the death of QEII. And a remarkable thing has happened, at least on American networks: they’ve been getting significant pushback for their bullsh-t. Whenever they try to be shady or negative about the Duchess of Sussex, they’re getting pushback. Whenever they try to be blinders-on royalist about King Charles III, they’re getting pushback. MSNBC has been running lots of segments about the Cambridges’ Flop Tour and how Commonwealth nations will be leaving in droves under the new sovereign. We’re seeing British royal commentators have to edit themselves and change course in real time because suddenly their bullsh-t isn’t flying.

All of which to say, suddenly those same commentators are trying different things for their domestic audiences too. A British talk show host named Vanessa Feltz had Angela Levin on her show yesterday and Feltz merely questioned Levin’s anti-Meghan bullsh-t and Levin couldn’t handle it. Levin suddenly turned into a snowflake after spending years smearing Meghan and Harry on a daily basis.

It’s glorious. Angela Levin is a ghastly, disgusting person. It’s my dream that this clip effectively ends Levin’s commentary career. The only problem is that Levin has an official biography of Queen Camilla coming out – so Levin will be on the promotional trail for that soon enough, and I hope she experiences the same kind of pushback then. It also calls into question why the f–k Camilla would choose this deranged a–hole as her biographer.

And yes, I know Vanessa Feltz is no hero, long-term. People like Feltz merely see which way the wind is blowing. They’re starting to understand that the international audience can see how they’ve treated Meghan in particular.

Screencap from CTV, additional photos courtesy of Avalon Red.


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