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bitchy | Denmark’s Prince Joachim & Marie will be exiled to America next year


Two months ago, Denmark’s Queen Margrethe suddenly announced that she was removing the royal titles from Prince Joachim’s four children. Joachim’s two oldest kids are over 18, and his two youngest are still in school. Joachim, his first wife and his second wife were all upset about the decision, and Joachim gave several emotional interviews, talking about how hurt he was and how his mother was pretty rude about it. The title issue exposed the more significant schisms within the Danish royal family, as Joachim and his wife Marie had basically been exiled in France for several years, and it turned out that Joachim and Crown Prince Frederik have also fallen out. Soon after the title dispute, Queen Margrethe asked Joachim to come home for a visit and they had some kind of summit. She also apologized to him publicly, but she didn’t reverse her decision. This week, Joachim gave another interview and he said: “There is a lot to work on. Communication was what was missing. Now we have met and we are on the right track.” Well, it looks like Joachim and Marie’s exile is getting even worse – they’ll be moving to America next year.

In a matter of weeks, the Danish monarchy will undergo a big change. At the behest of Queen Margrethe, Prince Joachim’s four children will lose their royal titles from 1 January 2023. They will instead be styled as His or Her Excellency Count / Countess of Monpezat.

The decision, when it was announced, caused great controversy amongst the royal family, with Joachim, his wife Princess Marie, and his ex-wife Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg, all speaking publicly of their upset.

And now it seems, the prince – Queen Margrethe’s second son – and wife Marie have decided to embark on a brand new chapter.

The royal couple have decided to relocate to America following the news that Joachim has landed a new job in the defence industry in Washington, Danish newspaper BT reports. Currently, Joachim and Marie are based in Paris for his work. That job is expected to come to an end in June time, meaning the family are likely to relocate across the Atlantic in the second half of the year.

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One thing that I slightly appreciate about the Danish royals is that Queen Margrethe seems to have a clear vision for how to exile her unwanted and unneeded relations. She hasn’t thrown Joachim out completely or cut her ties with her younger son – Joachim is clearly being given these important positions attached to Danish embassies, positions which reflect his status and importance as a royal. The Windsor equivalent would have been QEII appointing Prince Harry as governor-general of Australia, or as the British ambassador to Canada. QEII couldn’t do that because Charles and William would have thrown f–king tantrums about it. Anyway, Marie had some sh-t to say about Duchess Meghan, and now Marie is being exiled to America? LOL.

Meanwhile, it looks like the dysfunctional Danes won’t spend Christmas together this year. Queen Margrethe has announced plans to spend the holiday with her sister Princess Benedikte and some friends. Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are taking their kids to Australia to see her family – they haven’t visited Australia in several years because of the pandemic. And Joachim and Marie are planning a “trip abroad.” Hm.

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