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bitchy | Crown Princess Mary speaks about the title issue in the Danish royal family


Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary decided to comment on her mother-in-law’s decision to strip one princess and three princes of their Danish royal titles and royal styles. Last week, seemingly out of nowhere, Queen Margrethe declared that the four children of her younger son Prince Joachim will no longer have royal titles. Initially, Margrethe made it sound like this had been in the works for months and that everyone was well aware of the situation. Joachim and his ex-wife disagreed with Margrethe publicly about that, saying no, they either didn’t know or weren’t given much notice. Something I appreciate is that this controversy hasn’t been billed as “Crown Prince Frederik and Mary are orchestrating Joachim’s demise!” I mean, imagine how easy those “palace intrigue” stories would be. So far, it just seems like an issue between Joachim and QM. That might change though, especially if Crown Princess Mary continues to talk about it publicly:

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is sharing her thoughts on Queen Margrethe’s decision to strip four grandchildren of their current royal titles — and revealed that her own children may not keep their titles forever. The Queen’s decision does not change the titles for the four children of Crown Prince Frederik, who is heir to the throne, and Crown Princess Mary. Prince Christian, 16, Princess Isabella, 15, and 11-year-old twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine will both continue to be part of the royal house.

Princess Mary spoke out about the news affecting her niece and nephews on Friday when she attended the opening of the 6th International Youth Conference “Re-imagine Youth Mental Health.”

“I can understand that it is a difficult decision to make and a very difficult decision to receive,” Princess Mary told reporters, according to Hello! magazine. “Change can be difficult and can really hurt. But this does not mean that the decision is not the right one.”

While Frederik and Mary’s son Prince Christian is second in line to the throne behind his father, their other children may not keep their royal titles forever.

“We will also look at our children’s titles when the time comes,” Crown Princess Mary, 50, said. “Today we do not know what the royal house will look like in Christian’s time, or when Christian’s time begins to approach.”

[From People]

“Change can be difficult and can really hurt. But this does not mean that the decision is not the right one.” Yeah, again, by the sound of it, this wasn’t a discussion between Margrethe, Joachim and his kids. I would argue that perhaps it IS the right decision, simply done in a horrible way to make it appear as if a grandmother is purposefully snubbing four of her grandchildren, and going out of her way to strip them of their birthrights. What Mary says about her own children is interesting too – I suppose when she and Frederik are King and Queen, they’ll make similar decisions about their own children and grandchildren too. Which… why not make those decisions now? Instead of saying “it’s about Joachim’s children in particular,” why not make it a more general rule on who is a prince and who isn’t. Otherwise the whole thing looks so petty and selective.

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