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bitchy | Countess Sophie always believed that ‘Meghan seemed to have her own agenda’

It was interesting to watch the Duchess of Sussex and Countess of Wessex arrive at various funeral/procession events for QEII. Clearly, the Windsors made a conscious choice to NOT put Meghan (in particular) with Prince William and Kate. Part of that was simply a reflection of Kate’s position now, as the Princess of Wales. Part of it was the very real fear that Kate would yet again go berserk on Meghan and/or be obviously evil towards Meghan in some way. So, Sophie was tasked with traveling with Meghan and standing next to her for the most part. It didn’t seem like there was much interaction between the women, and it definitely appeared as if the Windsors were trying very hard to freeze Meghan out. It’s not that they don’t care about the optics, it’s that they believe “the optics” of freezing out Meghan are what the British public wants. Meanwhile, Sophie is trying to get an extra boost from hating Meghan, because apparently she’s always hated her.

Not only did the Queen enjoy Sophie’s company but, remarkably, for someone who had got things so badly wrong when she was newly married to Edward, she came to be viewed by Her Majesty as the Royal Family’s safest pair of hands.

She also has a reputation as a peacemaker – visible last week when she leant in to exchange words with Meghan Markle while the Royal Family waited for the arrival of the Queen’s coffin at Westminster Hall. The Duchess of Sussex seemed visibly more relaxed after the exchange of words as the pair shared in their grief.

Given Sophie’s seemingly unassailable position as the sovereign’s favourite, she was well-placed to offer lessons to the latest female member of The Firm.

A member of the Wessex circle informs me: “Sophie was one of the first to invite Meghan, on her own, to Bagshot for tea.”

However, they add: “They got on perfectly well, but Sophie could feel they were never going to become the best of friends. Let’s just say that Meghan seemed to have her own agenda and was not in the market for words of advice, however well-intentioned.”

[From The Sun]

This comes from a nation which insisted that they “gave Meghan a chance” but “there’s just something we don’t like about her.” It’s her race, you guys. It’s not a big secret. Sophie knew after having tea with Meghan that “they were never going to become the best of friends” because Meghan is Black. Oh, no, I mean “Meghan seemed to have her own agenda.” An agenda of being Black!! I would absolutely love to know what kind of “advice” Meghan was given in the beginning by all of these a–holes too.

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