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bitchy | Cloth napkins, a portable air compressor, body wash and more

From CB: I got the NYX eyebrow gel we featured a couple of weeks ago and it works great! The brush is bigger than the previous brand I was using and it works very well to keep my eyebrows in place all day. I also reordered my favorite serum of all time, the Cos de Baha niacinamide. That stuff is the bomb. Here are some more things Hecate and I are looking at on Amazon.

Eyeliner Serum Eyebrow Gel

An affordable pencil eyeliner that lasts like a liquid
From CB: I wanted to make a transition from liquid eyeliner, which I’ve worn forever, to pencil liner. I got this NYX liner and loved the results. It’s so easy to apply and is long lasting. NYX Epic Wear Liner Stick comes in 21 colors, all under $9. Plus there’s a coupon on some colors. This liner has over 5,000 ratings, 4.3 stars and a B on Fakespot. People call it their favorite eyeliner and say it lasts forever. “I love the rich color and smooth glide pencil and it literally will last all day and night with no touch ups.” “One of the best eyeliners in my opinion and I have tried a lot! It’s dark ,and smooth and looks so good!”

Full coverage foundation for a flawless look

From CB: I use and like L’oreal True Match foundation but I’d like to try another brand and this foundation by Phoera came up. It has 10 different shades and comes one for $10 or 2 for $15. This has almost 16,000 ratings, 4.3 stars and the same score on ReviewMeta. Reviewers say that it’s as good as more expensive high end brands. “Love this flawless look. It is perfection in a bottle. It can stand up to the heat and humidity of the south!” “I can’t say enough good things about this foundation. The coverage is complete without looking heavy. It feels light & I use very little to get the look I want & need. The quality absolutely meets & beats that of the higher priced foundations I’ve purchased in major department stores.”

Cloth napkins to impress your guests and make dinner time fancy

From CB: Honestly I’ve never owned cloth napkins and I usually just use paper towels. Sometimes I buy the seasonal napkins but I always end up with unused Christmas or Halloween napkins. These 17 x 17 polyester cloth napkins come in 14 different colors and in packs of 12, 24 or 288 if you’re throwing a big party. They have over 4,000 ratings and 4.5 stars which ReviewMeta confirms. People love how affordable they are and say they clean up easily and don’t require ironing. “These napkins have gone through multiple parties and they’ve always washed so well!” “Machine washable. No ironing. Fabulous size. Great absorbency. We use them everyday.”

A fast portable air compressor with so many uses

From Hecate: This air compressor was designed for tire inflation and works at 35 L per minute. But it has multiple nozzles so you can use it for most household needs. Like air mattress and that will help with family visiting over the holidays. And you can charge it with your car charger so you can keep one there for emergencies. They’re normally $45 but this week, you get a tire gauge, the compressor, the inflating tube, the charger and five nozzles for $33. It also comes in four different colors. It has over 52,000 reviews with 4.5 stars and a B on Fakespot. People seem to like the peace of mind this provides, “Fiancé and I went out of town with my family on our way home mg fiancé and I was following my mom back to home and her tire light came on luckily we had this in the car and was able to air up her tire and get going again.” And, what’s really important, it’s super easy to use, “Easy to use and the power cord is nice and long so that you can reach your tires. Retains my 35 PSI tire pressure setting so I just connect it up and turn it on, and it inflates to 35 PSI on the dot.”

Cute mushroom night lights for ambience

From Hecate: I have to be careful about looking at product posts late at night because I want to buy everything. Like these adorable mushroom plug-in floor lights I saw on Buzzfeed. I don’t even think I need them but I want them so they are going in all my bathrooms. They would also go in my kids rooms if I had little kids. You plug these guys directly into the wall so they can be floor lights, night lights or make Hecate happy at her desk lights. They have seven color changes for added fairy-experience. There are three options, you can choose mushrooms, mushrooms with lotus leaves or mushrooms and lotus plants. And they are only between $5 – $8 depending on design and whether you want a one pack or two pack. And they’re energy saving so you can feel good about your little colorful mushroom forest. 747 customers gave these guys 4.5 stars that ReviewMeta confirmed. Customers say they aren’t overpowering, “They do have a light sensor that brightens as it gets darker, but at full strength are really not that bright.” so they’re perfect for guest bathrooms or guideways. And this just sounds like the start of a fairy tale, “ highly recommend theses nightlights for anyone looking for a cute way to light up a dark area just enough to see where you’re going. (If I had a bigger house, I’d definitely buy more!)”

A spooky drying mat to decorate your kitchen

From Hecate: I realize not everyone is as nuts about Halloween as I am but maybe this will appeal to you. I keep a drying mat by my sink most of the time so I try to keep it in theme with whatever dish towels I’m using. I have a couple Christmas ones but no Halloween ones… until now. Like these black and white bat print drying mat for the spooky season. It’s a nice basic design so it blends in with whatever you’re going for with your Halloween look. And black and white goes with everything. They come in two sizes, the 16”x18” is running low so grab it while you can. But they also have a larger size for even more bats! There are lots of designs if you want to just get pumpkins for fall or a jump start on your Thanksgiving or holiday decorating too. It’s machine washable, quick-drying microfiber with a nonslip cotton mat. The mats are $15-$18 depending on size. They have over 750 reviews with ReviewMeta giving them 4.5 stars. Reviewers were pleased at how well it gripped, “I love the pattern and the soft feel of the fabric, with a nice grippy surface on the bottom.” And they said it’s really absorbent, “the mat does it job in drying and absorbing.” The photos show it being used as a hot pad too. It could be a center table decor too, that holds soup tureens and platters. If you need something fancier, I kind of love this Haunted Mansion-inspired one.

A great deal on bestselling body wash for the whole family

From Hecate: This is a great deal – 34 ounces of Dove Deep Moisturizing Body wash for under $10 a pump. We have three people who use our shower upstairs, one of whom is a teenager. We go through body wash like nobody’s business. So I tend to look for the cheapest buy I can get, But the last time the teen got the wash and they got this soap stuff that has completely dried out my skin. So I need something like this to try to put some moisture back into it. Plus it’s sulfate free and a 98% biodegradable formula in a 100% recyclable bottle. I can attest to how good this works, but it also has over 11,000 reviews on Amazon with 4.8 stars and a B on Fakespot. This person said they were allergic to all products but did not have an issue with this, “Skin seems a little softer – if there is a scent, it cannot be much – and not irritation to my skin either.” And many customers talk about it benign a unisex formula and scent, “Both my wife and I use Dove body wash in our showers. The pump bottles of body wash are great for cleaning and moisturizer.” I agree, the pump saves time in the shower for sure.

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