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bitchy | Cheryl Burke: ‘I am proud to say that I am alone, not lonely’


I think we’ve heard more from Cheryl Burke in the past year than we have in all the years prior. A year ago, she filed for divorce from her husband of three years, Matthew Lawrence. Over the summer, she posted to social media strongly alluding that he’d cheated and Hecate covered some of her other movements and comments around the split. In the fall, Cheryl notified us that she and Matthew might be going to court over ownership of the dog he gifted her when they were together. And recently we found out that Cheryl was (rightfully) awarded custody of the pup. Now, Cheryl’s taken to Instagram again with a long caption letting us know that she’s feeling good and she’s alone, but not lonely.

Cheryl Burke is doing just fine as her ex-husband, Matthew Lawrence, moves forward in a new relationship.

Sharing photos of herself smiling from ear to ear, the Dancing with the Stars alum gave her followers an update after she was “getting a lot of questions about how [she’s] been doing lately and what’s been going on.”

“If I could describe how I feel in one word, I honestly couldn’t. Each day presents its own bliss but also its own challenges,” Burke, 38, explained on Instagram. “There are some days where I wake up dominated by my overwhelming feelings of anxiety, allowing the outside world to define my identity.”

She continued, “Then there are moments when I feel peace and ease within my soul, which has led me to learn how to connect with my true essence and purpose in life — which will forever be something I continue to discover for as long as I live.”

Overall, Burke is in a good place with herself as she said: “Today, I am proud to say that I am alone, not lonely, and though the past year had its challenges, I feel so much pride in knowing that I got through it all by myself.”

“That’s right! Me, myself, and I (and my therapist, of course! Ha!). Normally, I would have jumped straight into another relationship, found a rebound or two, and gone out with my friends 7 nights a week while numbing by using and abusing alcohol, however, this time, I choose a different path. A clearer path, a more conscious path,” she continued. “Though scary and uncomfortable at times, I have evolved into a woman who I never thought could exist within me. Every night I go to sleep I make sure to write in my gratitude journal for the day.”

Added Burke, “I am actually surprised to say that I had and never have been so eager for what tomorrow will bring. Through all of the ups and downs, and ‘the work’ I’ve done on myself, I find comfort in knowing that the only person who can fill up my cup, is ME. And for the first time, I can genuinely say that, I LOVE ME!”

[From People]

My gosh, the lady loves a long caption. I hope this is true and Cheryl is feeling as good as she says she is. I’m always a bit wary of people who talk, unsolicitedly and ad nauseam, about how great everything is and how happy they are. It often feels like a case of doth protesting too much or trying to convince themselves, but hopefully Cheryl feels free of her ex now and is happy and relieved that she gets to keep her beloved dog. Part of the reason for this post is likely that Matthew has moved on with TLC’s Chili Thomas. They were spotted together in Hawaii over the summer and though their teams insist their relationship didn’t become romantic until the fall, it’s gotta sting to see an ex’s new relationship progress in the media. The comments about how cute Matthew and Chili are together probably don’t help. So I’m sure part of this message is assuring everyone that she’s fine being single even though Matthew has someone and she doesn’t need to jump into a new relationship to make herself feel better. I can’t say I haven’t said the same; I just don’t have enough followers to share it on Instagram.

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