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bitchy | Brad Pitt’s ‘sources’: Angelina Jolie is mad because ‘the public adores Brad’


After last week’s catastrophic coverage on Brad Pitt’s assaults on Angelina Jolie, Team Pitt has shifted their strategy. Last week it was all DARVO: Team Brad was hellbent on gaslighting Angelina, misrepresenting her experiences and her intentions, deflecting from the plane story completely and acting as if Brad was the real victim. Now the PR strategy has shifted to: Brad is sad, he loves his children, he wishes he could see his kids more, he still cares about Angelina, he’s always wanted the best for Angelina and the kids, he’s taking the high road unlike Angelina, who is a vindictive bitch! I f–king see you, Brad. From Us Weekly:

Taking the high road. Brad Pitt still wants ex-wife Angelina Jolie to be “happy” amid their winery drama, a source exclusively reveals in the latest issue of Us Weekly.

“He’s not rooting against her, not personally, not professionally, not romantically,” the insider says. “If she’s happy, he’s happy. Brad loved Angelina and he still cares about her.”

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star, 58, is “consistent” in the fact that he wants the Maleficent actress, 47, to be “happy and healthy and the best mother she can be for their children,” the source adds. In fact, when Jolie was going through her “medical issues and surgeries, she routinely praised Brad for being supportive,” the insider points out, adding, “He was there with her through everything.”

Amid all of the drama with the Wanted actress, Pitt has chosen “to keep his children’s lives as private as he can,” per the source. The Oklahoma native’s efforts to stay in contact with the kids, however, haven’t eased his tension with the Unbroken director.

“Angelina is angry that the public adores Brad so much when she feels he was very unkind to her,” the insider explains, pointing out that Pitt, meanwhile, has been “open and honest about his journey.”

[From Us Weekly]

I’m sorry what? “Angelina is angry that the public adores Brad so much when she feels he was very unkind to her… [while Pitt has been] open and honest about his journey.” Angelina didn’t tell the FBI that Brad was “unkind” to her. She detailed how he assaulted her multiple times and charged towards one of her children. She described how he poured beer all over her while she was trying to protect her children. She spoke to the FBI about how he terrorized his wife and six minor children for hours on an international flight. This was not “Brad was unkind to Angelina.” This was “Brad Pitt should have been charged with multiple felonies and Angelina had every right to leave him and prioritize the kids’ wellbeing.”

Also: if Angelina really wanted to turn the public against him or intentionally damage his stature, she would have. She would have done that during his Oscar campaign. In fact, I’m mad at Angelina for NOT going after him and telling Hollywood what a f–king abusive loser he is. She’s taken the high road for six years, all while he stewed in his own toxicity, blaming her for leaving him.

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