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bitchy | Brad Pitt went to the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Austin & brushed off Martin Brundle

Brad Pitt made his way down to Austin, Texas over the weekend for the big Formula 1 Grand Prix. He was there on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, trying to look like Robert Redford, I think. I’ve said before that in Pitt’s recent public outings, he’s looked especially nipped, tucked, buffed and polished, and I imagine he’s spending a lot on his upkeep and image these days. The result is that most outlets will cover these photos as “wow, Brad Pitt looks great, how exciting that he’s into Formula 1!” The reporting won’t be “wow, Brad Pitt keeps trying to deflect from the fact that Angelina Jolie told the FBI that he physically assaulted her and their children.”

The whole reason Pitt is trying to get into Formula 1 is that he’s going to star in a movie about the franchise, and he’s working with Lewis Hamilton (Hamilton is producing). He posed with Hamilton in Austin too, and he hung out with various F1 executives.

It wasn’t all breezy Cool Guy imagery and abuser-enabling though. As Pitt was walking around the track, famed F1 commentator Martin Brundle tried to speak to Pitt. Pitt brushed him off. Longtime F1 fans and Brundle fans were not pleased. I mean, Pitt already looked like a poseur, but this showed just how little research Pitt has actually been doing.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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