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bitchy | Brad Pitt took part in a Buddhist ‘purification ritual’ to promote ‘Bullet Train’


Brad Pitt and Aaron Taylor Johnson have been in Asia, promoting Bullet Train, for much of the past week. These are photos of Brad in Japan on Monday/Tuesday. Pitt always takes up the Asian promotional legs of his films, because he’s pretty popular in Asian markets. Bullet Train needs the boost from the international markets too – while the film isn’t a total bomb, it’s also not a raging success. Bullet Train cost something like $90 million to make, and the studio is spending a lot of money on this promotional tour too. Bullet Train just crossed the $150 million-mark for its global box office receipts. So…people are making some money on it, just not a lot.

While in Japan, Brad and Aaron Taylor Johnson stopped at Koyasan Tokyo Betsuin Temple, a Buddhist temple. They both took part in the Yakuyoke purification ritual. Cameras captured everything… which is kind of gross, to use a Buddhist temple as a stunt to promote your super-violent movie. Using Buddhism as a prop.

Meanwhile, it’s been relatively quiet for a couple of days regarding Brad Pitt’s 2016 assault on Angelina Jolie and the children. There was an explosion of reporting last week, accompanied by Team Pitt’s unhinged smears on Jolie. It feels like everyone has gone dark for a few days. I didn’t post this last week, but the FBI file also had photos of Angelina’s bruising from Brad’s assault. Considering he was repeatedly grabbing her head and shaking her, I would imagine some of the assaults didn’t leave bruises.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.


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