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bitchy | Brad Pitt is looking for a buyer or investors for Plan B, his production company


Earlier this week, the Sun ran a curious exclusive about Brad Pitt. I didn’t cover it at the time because I wasn’t sure if it was authentic, and because I didn’t really understand Pitt’s money moves. The Sun’s story was that Pitt is renting out his giant Los Feliz compound – which is a series of interconnected homes in one of the most exclusive communities in LA – after living there for 28 years. Why is he suddenly renting out one of the crown jewels of his real estate portfolio? Does it have anything to do with his beach house in Santa Barbara, or his recent purchase of a $40 million home in Carmel-by-the-Sea? Carmel is also a beachy California community where a lot of Hollywood types go to “retire,” so that was in the Sun’s exclusive, that his new property in Carmel is his “retirement home.”

That story was interesting given what we also know about Pitt’s out-of-control spending habits when it comes to Chateau Miraval. I’m sure the Miraval wines make money, but I’m also sure that Pitt has sunk millions of dollars into the Miraval money pit over dumb sh-t like “redoing a staircase four times.” Part of the reason why Tenute del Mondo is suing Pitt is because the Miraval business is such a wreck (another reason why Jolie got out). Well, add this to the pile of curious financial stories around Brad Pitt: he and his producing partner Dede Gardner are looking to sell Plan B.

“Blonde” producer Plan B Entertainment is looking for a new blueprint. The production banner run by Brad Pitt and Dede Gardner has tapped Moelis & Co. to shop for a buyer or potential investors.

The company has a first-look deal for TV with Amazon Studios and a pact with MGM Studios for film.

Reps for Moelis & Co. declined comment. Reps for Plan B could not immediately be reached for comment.

Plan B was hatched in late 2001 as a partnership between Pitt and actor Jennifer Aniston, about four months after the two were married in July 2001. Pitt eventually took over the venture after the pair split in 2005.

[From Variety]

The rest of the Variety story is typical industry fellatio, going on and on about how Plan B’s slate has always been so Oscar-baity. For years, I would have agreed, although I always believed that Dede Gardner was the brains behind Plan B. But this year, Plan B was dealing with a one-two punch of problematic messaging. Plan B produced Blonde, which has been widely panned and justifiably slammed for being anti-choice and insulting to Marilyn Monroe. Later this year, She Said comes out – the Plan B-produced film, based on the NYT’s original reporting, about the outing of Harvey Weinstein as a serial predator. The problem there is that Pitt knew Weinstein was a serial predator and he still worked with him several times.

So, does Brad Pitt suddenly need money? Why all of this real estate shuffling and selling off one of his biggest “assets”? Hm.

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