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bitchy | Bower: Duchess Meghan was ‘thin-skinned’ about being smeared daily


Ever since the excerpts from Tom Bower’s royal book started coming out, I’ve been debating how much coverage we should give this sh-t. Bower is clearly making sh-t up as he goes along and pretending to live in a world where receipts don’t exist. Bower’s Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors is already a top preorder on Amazon, although I have to wonder if the sales will fall off a clip as soon as more excerpts come out. The excerpts I’ve seen so far are awful, badly sourced, outrageous lies and agenda-driven anti-Sussex character assassination. It’s weird how all of these supposed “top royal biographers” are being exposed right and left for being hacks. Honestly, I was more disappointed in Tina Brown’s The Palace Papers, but this Bower book is just stupid. Anyway, here are some excerpts about how Meghan was completely wrong for… wanting palace staff to protect her…?

Bower writes: “Meghan was angry that Palace officials refused to protect her image. She refused to accept that staff were not employed to promote her as an individual, but instead placed her within the grid of the entire Royal Family. In particular, Meghan fumed about the refusal officially to criticise Thomas Markle. From her perspective, Meghan was isolated, vulnerable and stifled by conventions.”

The book says Meghan “hated the comparisons with uncomplaining Kate” and, in turn, Kate “regarded her neighbour as dismissive of other people”. Bower says: “Meghan’s manner towards her staff had become self-centred, manipulative and demanding. Meghan became increasingly fragile, demanding that the Palace staff view the world from her perspective. In self-defence, she demanded retaliation against her critics.”

On Friday, October 12, 2018, at Princess Eugenie’s wedding reception, Meghan revealed she was pregnant. Two days later, the Sussexes flew to Sydney, Australia, and received an amazing reception. But Bower writes: “Meghan was allegedly abrasive towards her four female staff and even towards the local British diplomats. According to one report, Meghan allegedly threw a cup of tea into the air. Her anger may have been partly fuelled by Harry. Every night he trawled social media, searching for snide comments on the internet. Every morning he and Meghan turned on their phones to surf the internet. Thin-skinned, they were inflamed by the slightest criticism. Then, both bombarded their staff with demands for retribution and removal of the criticism.”

Bower writes: “The Sussexes had convinced themselves that their Australian success blessed them with Diana’s magic. Meghan could not understand that Diana had won the public’s affection after years of work. Neither she nor Harry could grasp that emulating Diana required time, to weave a narrative and create a brand from which influence would flow.” Bower believes that, encouraged by Harry, Meghan conjured a fantasy that she could provide the leadership the monarchy required. He writes: “Her activism would enhance the brand. To her staff, she gave the impression that she believed she personified the monarchy’s importance. Naturally, her American agents and lawyers were encouraging. For years they had struggled to land parts for her.”

[From The Sun]

“Meghan became increasingly fragile… From her perspective, Meghan was isolated, vulnerable and stifled by conventions” and “Meghan was angry that Palace officials refused to protect her image…” Read between the lines. Meghan was pregnant and being smeared by a gleefully racist and rabid British press on an hourly/daily basis, with many of the leaks coming from Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and most of all, Kensington Palace. Meghan was isolated, suicidal and begging for help, which they refused. They then turned around and leaked sh-t about how fragile she was, how “demanding,” how tired she was of all of their made-up rules which only applied to her. Every times any biographer tries to make this time frame sound like Meghan was the worst, I’m reminded of just how awful it must have been for her to feel so vulnerable and alone during her pregnancy. And how they’re still smearing her.

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