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bitchy | Bill Hader and Ali Wong had a fling earlier this year


Bill Hader and Ali Wong were a thing for a hot minute earlier this year, but it’s done now, so don’t get too excited. Ali divorced her husband of eight years, Justin Hakuta, last April. Bill split with Anna Kendrick sometime before last summer. Between then and now, Bill and Ali coupled up for what sources are saying was at least two months. But they were just too busy to be together. Also, according to sources, all their comedy friends who knew about it were super-stoked about the pairing. But they also agreed not to say anything out of respect for Ali’s divorce. So I guess the statute of limitations is lifted? And now we know it was, it was great, but it’s not anymore.

Ali Wong and Bill Hader had a brief rebound romance with each other after she divorced Justin Hakuta and he split from Anna Kendrick earlier this year.

Sources tell Page Six the funny couple started dating “at least two months ago,” but the romance has already ended.

“They’re no longer dating. They dated very briefly. They’re just super busy with things, but [the split] was certainly amicable. They’re certainly friends,” an insider told us.
Stand-up star Wong and “Barry” co-creator Hader kept their fling under wraps in light of her divorce, we’re told.

“Only a small circle of A-list comedians know and everyone was thrilled about it. [Their friends] helped them protect the relationship in light of Ali’s divorce,” another source said.

[From Page Six]

It’s so weird reporting on Bill’s love life because it’s always in the past tense. Granted we knew he was married to Maggie Carey, but they were so low key, we didn’t talk about them until they were signing their papers. Then we reported on his thing with Rachel Bilson when that already had one foot in the grave. Only we didn’t know it was on life-support until – you guessed it, years after the fact when Rachel talked about it on her podcast. We only learned about his two-year relationship with Anna Kendrick when they broke up. And here we are getting confirmation of his thing with Ali now that it’s hit the skids. This article said the hush-hush was about Ali‘s divorce, which I’m sure was a factor, but it’s also Bill’s MO. Ali probably asked Bill if it was cool if they kept things on the down low and Bill was all, “trust me, no problem.” After all, it was Rachel who dished their split. Neither Anna nor Bill ever spoke about their thing. Not sure why this thing with Ali is coming out now, though. Two months really is a fling, especially when one of them just got out of an eight-year marriage.

Anyway, there you have it. Bill was dating Ali. They were great together. But now, Bill may or may not be single. Who knows, we’ll find out if he was available after his next breakup.

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