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bitchy | Big Brother’s Alyssa Lopez got job-shamed for returning to work at Hooters


I love The Challenge. Though my interest has waned at times over the years, it’s gotten good again recently when production moved outside of the Real World / Road Rules pool and started casting from shows like Are You the One?, Survivor, Big Brother, Love Island, and some other international shows. It’s better now because it’s more suspenseful — with all the new blood it’s less obvious who will win each season. Anyway, The Challenge: USA is one of the new offshoots of the main MTV show. It has only cast members from CBS reality shows. One of them from Big Brother, Alyssa Lopez, was maybe job-shamed by someone on Twitter for returning to work at Hooters after the season ended. Alyssa set them straight quickly, noting that reality TV stars need to work too and offering to buy them a drink.

Big Brother and The Challenge reality star Alyssa Lopez was quick to shut down a Twitter commenter who poked fun at her returning to her Hooters job.

On Sunday after a Twitter user wrote, “A certain person from #bb23 is back working at Hooters. 🤭,” the reality star retweeted the comment with one of her own.

“I’m confused why you think I should be embarrassed by this?” the 26-year-old said. “To be able to pay my rent from 2 shifts at Hooters is amazing!”

She continued: “So many reality tv stars have actual jobs. We are normal human beings. I’m just real enough to show it. Come in my next shift I’II buy you a shot.”

Lopez worked at the chicken wing chain prior to being cast on the two reality shows. She’s posted several photos in her uniform and is featured in a Hooters billboard in south Florida, near where she lives.

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I went back-and-forth for a hot second about whether the person meant to mock Alyssa. After all, there is no commentary with the tweet and could have just been a fan excited that one of their faves is somewhere they can meet them in person. But no, that “tee hee” emoji makes pretty clear they’re making fun of her job. And Alyssa’s right, why should she be embarrassed by that? It’s a job, it’s her choice, and apparently she can pay her rent from two shifts. That’s amazing; I wish I could do the same. I’m not sure exactly where she lives, but south Florida isn’t exactly cheap. Alyssa’s point — that many reality stars have actual jobs and are normal human beings — is very obvious, but I guess it needed to be said. Most people who appear on The Challenge have normal jobs like this one. They work as servers, bartenders, personal trainers, hair stylists, etc. They seem to do more shift-based work because those jobs tend to have more flexibility than a 9-5 desk job when it’s time to leave for 6-8 weeks of filming. Also, why is this person so titillated by Hooters? Many reality stars become influencers and models and have Only Fans. Working IRL at Hooters is like a charming throwback to pre-social media reality TV.


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