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bitchy | Bethenny Frankel: Duchess Meghan is a ‘terrible businessperson, strategist’


Bethenny Frankel is a racist, clout-chasing dumbass, big surprise. But for the life of me, I cannot understand why she’s turned the Duchess of Sussex’s existence into her new worrystone. I guess Bethenny is a lot like those online Derangers who turn “hating Meghan” into their entire personality. In truth, this is the most we’ve talked about Bethenny in years. Last week, Bethenny chimed in with her two cents about Meghan’s profile in The Cut. To Frankel, The Cut profile was proof that Meghan is “very much like a Housewife in that she can’t stop talking about the very thing that she wants to be irrelevant” and that Meghan needs to “let it go.” Speaking of someone who needs to let it go, Bethenny has now made a TikTok about how Meghan is a “terrible businessperson.”

Bethenny Frankel believes Meghan Markle is a “terrible businessperson” who is really “f–king up” life after Megxit. The former “The Real Housewives of New York City” star said in a viral TikTok video Tuesday that the Duchess of Sussex is “painting herself into a corner.”

“She is a terrible, terrible businessperson, strategist — she’s playing checkers, not chess — because she is overplaying her hand, and she is painting herself into a corner, becoming a woman without a country,” Frankel explained.

The Skinnygirl founder, 51, said Markle, 41, was able to get out of a “terrible situation” in the UK but is “f–king it up” because of her methods.

“I remember talking about this before the Oprah interview and getting death threats and losing major deals and having many A-list people text me saying that they agree with me secretly,” Frankel said, “but then friends of hers text me, ‘Please take down what you said.’”

Frankel described the “Suits” alum as a “polarizing person” but stood by her “personal choice” not to be “terrified and not talk.”

[From Page Six]

Imagine creating a completely one-sided situation wherein you sh-t talk a famous Black woman for clout and then pretend that you’re being martyred for your beliefs. Typical Karen, obviously, but it’s also just… f–king deranged. Meghan is a “woman without a country” huh? Because there’s something fundamentally un-American about a Black woman! Especially a Black woman critical of a racist institution which tried to destroy her?

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