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bitchy | Ashley Tisdale got platelet-rich plasma treatment on her scalp for alopecia


I appreciate how open Ashley Tisdale is about issues that don’t get much attention. She talks about hot button topics, but she also brings up stuff that is less sexy. Granted some see her as sharing too much, but then she talks about stuff like alopecia and we get to share hair loss tips. In Ashley’s latest Frenshe newsletter, she talks about dealing with hair loss from stress and how it affected her self-esteem. To combat the issue, she changed her outlook, her diet, and incorporated a very expensive and painful platelet rich plasma treatment that helps hair growth. Okay, so maybe not totally relatable.

Ashley Tisdale has a few strategies for managing hair loss.

The High School Musical alum, who welcomed her daughter Jupiter in 2021 with her husband Christopher French, took to her blog Frenshe on Wednesday to discuss how she’s dealing with alopecia. She said that she noticed her hair falling out a few months earlier, which mirrored the hair loss she suffered years ago while dealing with intense stress.

“Alopecia and hair loss are fairly common, but a lot of people feel embarrassed to talk about these issues,” Tisdale wrote. “Any type of hair loss can affect your self-esteem, especially if you feel like you’re the only one going through it. That’s why I want to talk about it openly — because it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes it’s connected to hormones, other times to heredity, and for me, it’s connected to stress overload.”

The 37-year-old then shared how she manages her alopecia, writing “don’t let worry take over” as the first point on her list, as when she battled alopecia years ago, her “worries began to spiral.” She was “scared that it would get much worse,” and the anxiety only exasperated her stress.

“When I focused on the present and accepted what was happening, I was then ready to make a plan to address my hair loss,” she explained.

She also listed “manage stress” as one way to cope, and wrote that meditation and self-care rituals helped lower her stress levels.

Another way she dealt with stress included changing up her diet.

“Eating with a focus on gut health also helps me thrive,” she said. “Whatever your self-care plan may be, embrace it.”

Tisdale also wrote about seeking treatment for hair loss, something that she has previously shared on social media. She added that she has seen great results from platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment, which involves injecting platelets from one’s blood back into the scalp.
“It’s expensive and it is certainly not the most pleasant experience — it involves microneedling the scalp, after all — but it made my hair grow back amazingly fast, and research shows that it works,” she said.

The former Disney Channel actress also reminded her readers that it’s OK to also embrace hair loss, whether that be sporting a wig or embracing a hairless look.

[From Yahoo!]

My hair has thinned some with age. And I have two bald spots at my temples, so I was very interested in what Ashley had to say about hair loss. Mine could be stress, but more likely hormones and obviously I’m not too embarrassed to talk about it. I have never been successful at not letting “the worry take over.” Worry runs roughshod over me whenever it wants, especially when I’m in the present. I’m not being cute, I wish I could just Let It Go, but I’ve never mastered that. I do think diet helps. CB suggested pre-natal vitamins and that is great for both hair and nails. As for micro needling my head with plasma to get my hair to grow back? I won’t lie, if had the money, I’d do it. My bald patches are right in the front and if I pull my hair back, it’s obvious. They affect how I wear my hair so yeah, I’d take a permanent fix if I could.

But I doubt a platelet-rich boost to my hairline is in my budget. I’ve always wanted to invest in wigs. I love the idea of changing my hair with every outfit. I need to do my research, though, because I can’t afford the ones that look good. But I’m sure there are some nice ones out there I can afford. For now I’m trying Vegamour oil, which was highly recommended to help stimulate hair growth. I also use Better Not Younger shampoo and conditioner with a Virtue mask on the weekends. And I just got some Boldify hairline powder to cover the spots. And I am using the ol’ acupressure mat that I swear by for stress along with the aforementioned pre-natal vitamins.

This is not a sponsored post. Amazon will give us a portion if you use these links, but I do use those products mentioned. Except for the mask, I use the Virtue Flourish mask for thinning hair from Sephora but it’s twice as much. My intent is more to get a conversation going. Feel free to talk about what works for you.

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