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bitchy | Anya Taylor Joy in Dior at ‘The Menu’ NYC premiere: stunning or overworked?


Here are some photos from the big New York premiere of The Menu, starring Anya Taylor Joy, Ralph Fiennes and Nicholas Hoult. Honestly, I thought the movie looked interesting and cool, but Ralph’s interviews are kind of ruining my old opinions about him. It might seem inconsequential because I’m sure the kids don’t care about Fiennes, but he’s the lead of the film!! His name comes before Anya’s name on all of the promotional materials! Plus, it continues to be disconcerting to see Fiennes – a once-delicately beautiful man – turn up at premieres looking like a glum mid-level banker.

As for fashion, Anya repped her Dior contract and wore this Dior cocktail dress, I guess we’re calling it. Several designers have been doing these stiff crinoline skirts and I loathe the trend/throwback. That being said, it feels “very Dior,” and this is admittedly one of the better versions of the trend. Anya definitely pulls off some interesting stuff. I would have probably removed the gloves – the different patterns of the gloves and the lace on the dress is throwing me off.

If you look closely at Hoult, you can see that he’s wearing three layers – a gorgeous greige topcoat over a beige-and-silver button-down, over some kind of sheer white tank or tee. It’s amazing. Just a little pizzazz. I love that his trousers are a bit flared too. He’s SO stylish.

Photos courtesy of Robin Platzer / Twin Images / Avalon.


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