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bitchy | Antonia Fraser: Princess Kate doesn’t need to cut her hair in her 40s


A few months ago, 90-year-old Antonia Fraser – a distinguished author and historical novelist – decided to chime in about the Windsors. In her view, Queen Camilla is brilliant and the Duchess of Sussex is terrible. Fraser said that the Sussexes’ interview with Oprah was “worse than a crime; it was a mistake. I just wish vainly she’d shut up. And Prince Harry.” Well, did you also know that Antonia Fraser has some thoughts about the new Princess of Wales? It’s true. Specifically, Fraser has thoughts about the length of Kate’s hair.

Distinguished historian Lady Antonia Fraser applauds the Princess of Wales for continuing to wear her hair long into her 40s.

“I don’t think she should cut her hair,” the 7th Earl of Longford’s daughter tells me at the launch party for Rachel Kelly’s book, You’ll Never Walk Alone.

“Women traditionally cut their hair after [having] children, but she doesn’t need to. She can do whatever she likes. She’s beautiful and she’s a good mother. She gets more beautiful as she gets older.”

[From Eden Confidential, print edition]

It’s a generational thing, to believe that women can’t or shouldn’t have long hair past a certain age. My mother feels that way too and she’s a generation younger than Fraser. I do think “age appropriate hair” is a thing, and I do think that – in general – some women should age out of the more youthful hairstyles. Is Kate one of them? Kind of – I do wonder if she’s going to cling to her long wigs, extensions, falls and sausage curls forever. Will she be “on the throne” and still wearing her hair so long, with that wig plopped on?

That’s something that’s always bugged me about Kate, it’s that she never had a real job and she doesn’t know how to look like a modern, professional woman when she does events. It’s all doll wigs, buttons, bespoke coatdresses, lace and ruffles. Anyway, yes, it’s sad that Antonia Fraser has an opinion on this and that this is really the only thing we can talk about when it comes to Kate. Hilary Mantel was right about Kate nearly a decade ago, it seems. I also think Fraser feels the opposite – she actually does think that Kate should cut her hair, that her hair is too long for a 40-year-old.

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