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bitchy | Anne Heche’s friends & family heartbroken, find salacious headlines difficult to read


Anne Heche is currently in critical condition in the ICU on a ventilator following an accident on Friday in which she drove her Mini Cooper into a home. That accident was her third that day; she previously committed a hit and run at a garage and then narrowly missed a pedestrian and ran into a car instead. Footage from the residential area of the time leading up to the final crash show her driving at a very high speed. The home she hit and its contents were destroyed by the resulting fire, but the resident escaped with her pets and not much else. Anne is suffering severe burns and was the only person injured.

ET Online has quotes from sources close to Anne. They say her family and friends are pulling for her and that her son Homer, 20, is advocating for her care. (Anne also has a 13-year-old son, Atlas.) What’s more is that her loved ones understandably find the headlines difficult to see.

A source tells ET that the Emmy-winning actress is surrounded by her family members who are hoping for a recovery. “Her family is on pins and needles, just praying.”

Revealing that Homer is taking the lead in making sure her mother is getting the best care, the source explained, “He’s being as strong as he can be. Her family is ready to surround her, and be there if she wakes up. Everyone is waiting for that to happen…”

In the days following Heche’s highly publicized car crash and ensuing investigation, more and more details have surfaced regarding what could have led to the wreck.

Another source tells ET, “Anne’s friends and family are absolutely devastated and heartbroken. It has been difficult for them to read the salacious headlines [and] reports about Anne. They feel as though her character is being attacked. They are trying to focus on getting Anne better, and it’s very hard when they have these negative distractions. Anne is in a coma and fighting for her life. She has no voice here.”

[From ET Online]

As many of you mentioned in the comments to our last story, the conversation around Anne’s accident would be different if anyone else was hurt that day, and they easily could have been. She’s now fighting for her life. I don’t have much compassion for impaired drivers, but I can imagine how tough it must be for her family, especially when her accident is dominating the news cycle.

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