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bitchy | Angelina Jolie & Shiloh had a great time at Måneskin’s concert in Rome


Angelina Jolie has been in Rome for a few weeks now, and she’ll likely be there for several months. She’s directing Without Blood, using lots of Roman exteriors. There have been photos of Jolie in Rome but most of them are super-exclusive. We’ve seen her out shopping with Zahara, sight-seeing with some of her kids, and hanging out with Salma Hayek (who is in Without Blood). It’s been nice and Angelina seems to be having a lovely time in Rome with her kids and her coworkers.

This is new though: for a night off, Angelina took Shiloh to the Måneskin concert in Rome. Måneskin is the Italian band which has successfully crossed over to American, European and worldwide music markets. The band won EuroVision last year and lead singer Damiano David went massively viral for his champagne toasting, fabulous makeup, high-heeled boot strutting and chaotic pansexual energy. Basically, Damiano sounds like Angelina’s type, or like Jolie circa 2000. I follow Damiano on IG and he always brings such dangerous/beautiful/weird vibes to the timeline (I hated his bangs era though, that was a rough time).

Anyway, the photos of mother and daughter watching this beautiful tattooed man are sending me. I have to think that there’s a secret reason why Angelina agreed to take Shiloh to the Maneskin concert, Angelina must have wanted to look at some eye candy. Plus, Maneskin’s music is pretty good. I love how much play they’re getting on American radio, and they were SNL recently too. Shiloh seemed to enjoy the concert. In some photos, they look so similar. In other moments, Jolie very much looks like a tired mom who is just there to appease Shiloh. They have such a sweet dynamic though.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.


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