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bitchy | Angelina Jolie helped Zahara move into Spelman College this week


A few weeks ago, Angelina Jolie confirmed what had been widely rumored: little Zahara Jolie Pitt is headed to Spelman College. Angelina and Zahara attended a “Spelhouse” fundraiser and party in LA, and Zahara got to meet some of her new Spelman sisters. Well, this is apparently freshman orientation week. Angelina is in Atlanta, helping Zahara move into (what I presume is) campus housing. Something I’ve appreciated about all of this is that Angelina is clearly very famous and recognizable, but she has the kind of energy where regular people feel like they can talk to her, take her photo and even tease her and she’s just chill with all of it. Here’s the video of Angelina on campus, meeting Spelman’s president Dr. Helene Gayle.

I keep thinking about Shiloh too. Shiloh and Zahara have always been super-close, since Day 1. Zahara has had her sister’s back and Shiloh would do anything for Zahara. As much as Mama Angie is crying and super-emotional to be sending Zahara off to Spelman, I can only imagine that Shiloh is devastated. I totally believe that Shiloh is already thinking about going to college somewhere close to Zahara. Will Angelina let Shiloh fly to Atlanta to visit? *sob*

Here’s a pic of Angelina and Zahara in what looks like a dorm room?

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid, Instagram and Cover Images.


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