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bitchy | An eyebrow pencil for natural brows, a hair treatment oil and easier ramen


From CB: I got the open back yoga top that Hecate featured last week! It’s really cute and flattering. I ordered it in black and got a size up, which I would recommend. I also wanted to recommend these probiotic tablets that I’ve been taking for over a year. They really help with digestion. Here are some more things Hecate and I are looking at on Amazon.

A night treatment to prevent and reduce adult acne

From CB: Stubborn Marks PM Treatment by trusted brand Neutrogena is formulated with benzoyl peroxide in a lower concentration than typical acne treatments. It works overnight to both treat and prevent acne and people say it fades age spots and acne scars. This has over 3,700 ratings and 4.2 stars on ReviewMeta. Reviewers say it cleared their skin like nothing else they’ve tried. “I developed adult acne due to hormonal issues. I tried everything, and this is the only one that dramatically cleared the acne in 4 days!!” “ I was paying $$$ for prescription medication from my dermatologist too and it still wasn’t cutting it. I went out on a whim and tried this (after reading other similar reviews) and I was not disappointed! I still get an occasional flare up every once in a while, but my dark spots from previous acne has faded, and my skin hasn’t been this clear since as long as I can remember.”

A buildable mascara that people swear by

From CB: Maybelline New York Sky High Washable Mascara is one of the bestselling products in beauty. It has over 97,000 ratings and 4.4 stars that ReviewMeta confirms. People say that it separates lashes, that it doesn’t flake or clump, and they love that they can use it for both more natural and glamorous looks. “I have tried dozens of mascaras from all price points and by far this is the best ever! It doesn’t flake at all! The biggest problem I have had with todays mascaras is flaking. It makes your lashes look natural and long. And best of all it builds so you can wear a light, long natural look or apply a few coats and have volume with full lashes.” “A friend of mine recommended this brand and I LOVE it. Don’t need to use an eyelash curler like I normally would and I love the silicone wand. Doesn’t clump and makes my lashes look super long”

A quick and easy way to make ramen

From CB: My son asked for this microwave ramen maker for college so I’m having it sent to him. This would be a great gift for a college student, teenager or young person starting out on their own. This rapid ramen cooker has over 22,000 ratings, 4.7 stars and a B on Fakespot. People say it really works to make tasty ramen and that it’s so much easier than using the stove. “This is a great invention. Very easy to use and clean. No problems. Now my kids can make ramen without excuses. No oven needed! I am buying more.” “The kids love it make it super easy for them to cook Ramen, safe to take in and out the microwave with the side handles that doesn’t get hot. They make and eat their Ramen out of this bowl.”

A long-lasting eyebrow pencil for natural, more defined brows

From CB: Smaller more groomed brows are in this season and this eyebrow pencil from L’oreal can help with that. I picked it up at Walgreens and really like how it defines while looking natural. You don’t have to sharpen it and it always retains a thin, easy to use point. L’oreal Stylist Definer Brow Liner has over 40,000 ratings and 4.5 stars which ReviewMeta confirmed. Reviewers rave about how how long-lasting and pretty the results are. “This is perfect it takes 3 minutes. Formula is dry enough that it doesn’t smudge and create a blob when drawing in the lines, but still smooth enough to work. It’s super thin so you can draw mini hairs towards the front.” “This is my all time favorite and I’ve tried so many other brands. The shade is perfect. It goes on easily, doesn’t smudge and lasts all day- even in this summer heat.”

Plant-based supplements to help with hot flashes

From Hecate: We got a request for something to help with the peri-menopausal hotness. Hand to God, a personal fan helps. But I realize those are not possible everywhere you go. Amazon offers a couple supplements for various menopause symptoms and they are all pretty well rated. These Source Naturals supplements concentrate solely on hot flashes, so they are really effective. I also like that they are plant based with no GMOs so everyone can take them. You can buy them in bottles of 45 ($10), 90 ($14) or 180 ($24). They recommend taking three pills a day for at least four weeks as needed, so keep that in mind when ordering. These supplements have almost 1,000 reviews with 4.3 stars and an A on Fakespot. Most f the reviews are pretty straightforward and some variety of “These work.” A few elaborated, thorough, like this one who said it worked for those who went through menopause naturally and those who had it brought on through a hysterectomy “I’ve been taking them (on and off) for years now, and when I remember to take 2 a day, within 24 hours they improve my patience level. It’s pretty amazing.” This person switched when their old supplement stopped working, “I can sleep through the night without throwing all my blankets on my husband and it has greatly reduced the number and severity of them during the day.” Just FYI for those with allergies, the main ingredient in these is soy.

Organic oil with rosemary and mint to strengthen and regrow hair

From Hecate: I am horrified by the amount of my own hair I held in my hand this morning. And no, it was not attached to my head. I very much want my problem to be fixable and not my stress level. So I am looking at this Mielle Organics scalp and hair oil. We’ve featured their almond oil before, this one has rosemary and mint (OMG, I can smell it already!) and is a bit more concentrated. It’s still organic and still paraben free so you can use it every day to promote scalp health and strength hair. It also helps with split ends so you’ll get better hair growth. This 2 ounce bottle is only $10 and has over 9,000 reviews with 4.6 stars that ReviewMeta confirmed. One person said try to leave it in as long as you can, “I put it on either on my scalp right before i hit the gym so it’s in my hair longer before a shower or i put it on for 15 minutes all over my scalp down to my ends before a shower.” A couple warn that it doesn’t happen overnight, you need a little patience, but you will see results, “The product is great and smells good. It will take a while to see a difference but I’m optimistic!”

A versatile tie-back dress you can wear everywhere

From Hecate: This a sweet little dress that you can wear on or off your shoulders. The sheer overlay gives it a romantic feel while the tie back and shorter length make it slightly sexy. Plus it comes in a bunch of colors, including a couple of prints. The dress is sized XS-XXL and fits as expected, according to Amazon. Bonus: it’s on sale for $40 this week! With almost 7,000 reviews, it got 4.3 stars from ReviewMeta. There are some helpful customer photos in the comments, it looks just as good in the personal photos. One lady wore it with the cutout in front, “I love this dress, it fit perfect. I actually wore it backwards but it looks perfect both ways!” She posted a photo, it’s really cute. Customers said it works on anyone, “This is one of those dresses that look good on anyone. I’m 5.6’ 150 lbs larger butt small chested it looks amazing on me very flattering.” if you wear it off the shoulder, maybe look into some dress tape.

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