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bitchy | Amazon will fire Jeremy Clarkson because he’s unpopular, not because he’s a pig


On Martin Luther King Day, racist pig Jeremy Clarkson decided to finally apologize to the Duchess of Sussex for his grotesque screed, which was published in the Sun one month ago. Clarkson’s “apology” was a lot like everything else he does: self-centered, long-winded, legendary in his own mind, and short on humility and contrition. It was clear that since the Sun published his horrid column, Clarkson has gotten a taste of the kind of public shunning he fantasized for Meghan. Soon after he posted his fauxpology, the Sussexes released a statement saying yes, Clarkson did email on Christmas day – but he only addressed the email to Meghan’s husband. He still hasn’t apologized to Meghan, the woman he wanted to strip naked and parade down the street while people threw feces at her. The Sussexes, as you can imagine, do not accept Clarkson’s apology.

Soon after that, Variety’s sources announced that Amazon would be parting ways with Clarkson. Clarkson does The Grand Tour and Clarkson’s Farm on Amazon Prime, and while there are still episodes left to air, after that, Amazon wants out of the Jeremy Clarkson business. It seemed connected to his misogyny and racism towards Meghan, right? Wrong, says the Telegraph:

Amazon is reportedly ending its contract with Jeremy Clarkson, in what appears to be another intervention in the culture wars. Except that may not be entirely the case. The original story in Hollywood trade bible Variety reported that the presenter is “likely” to part ways with Amazon following “the conclusion of existing agreements.” There’s another series of The Grand Tour and another of two of Clarkson’s Farm on the way, but Variety claims the streaming giant won’t be commissioning the curmudgeonly columnist beyond that. Is this, as many assume, a moral stance over his desire for crowds to throw excrement at Meghan Markle?

While the presenter admitted that Amazon were “incandescent” over his controversial column in The Sun, there are other reasons for the deal to end. It’s true that the streaming service won’t be working with Clarkson beyond seasons of The Grand Tour and Clarkson’s Farm that have already been commissioned. This does mean, however, that he’ll be on screen in one form or another until 2025. One senior figure connected to Amazon told the Telegraph that “any speculation that this has anything to do with anything like that [Harry and Meghan] is nonsense.”

“Amazon’s only interest in anything it makes or sells is does it make a profit?” says one media analyst. “This is a company that sells Mein Kampf, the Communist Manifesto, the Big Book of Serial Killers and Prime Video has a documentary on Charles Manson’s final words. I don’t think Jeremy Clarkson is quite in that league.”

Amazon was under no illusions about Clarkson’s controversial behaviour when it signed the former Top Gear team for a very healthy £160 million back in 2016 – he’d been sacked by the BBC in 2015 for punching one of Top Gear’s producers in the face after being told the team’s hotel couldn’t prepare Clarkson a sirloin steak late at night. Co-presenter James May later explained the fracas by comparing Clarkson and co to the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin or professional footballers.

[From The Telegraph]

Just in case anyone is keeping track, Clarkson said the n-word on camera in 2014-ish and he was able to keep his job on the BBC. Then he punched someone over a steak in 2015, then he was finally fired from the BBC that same year. Then in 2016, he got this massive Amazon contract and Americans still don’t give a sh-t. I literally howled at this though: “Amazon’s only interest in anything it makes or sells is does it make a profit?” OMG, someone taught a British media analyst how LITERALLY EVERY BUSINESS WORKS. The comparison to Adolf Hitler and Karl Marx was top shelf too, you can really tell that British people are enormously salty that their favorite violent, misogynistic racist won’t get paid tens of millions of dollars to drive cars and be a f–king pig. This, too, is a culture war! Jesus H.

Meanwhile, it’s also looking like Clarkson might be sacked from his ITV gig hosting Who Wants to be a Millionaire? ITV’s CEO Carolyn McCall has been trying to calm lawmakers who are outraged that a psycho like Clarkson is still employed on ITV.

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