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bitchy | Alexandra Daddario wore a Danielle Frankel dress to her New Orleans wedding


For some reason, I thought Alexandra Daddario was only about 25 years old? She’s 36! She was born in 1986. I know her mostly from White Collar, True Detective Season 1 and The White Lotus. She’s known for being beautiful and having a great figure, but she’s a talented actress too – she does wide-eyed naif really well, and sometimes she plays roles that subvert that trope. She’s actually a born-and-bred New Yorker too, which I also did not know before now. Anyway, Alexandra just got married and I thought people would like to talk about her wedding and see her wedding photos.

The groom is Andrew Form and this is his second marriage. His first marriage was to Jordana Brewster, and they have a son, Julian, together (update: they actually have two sons together, my bad). Andrew’s marriage to Jordana crashed and burned in 2020, and by August 2021, he was engaged to Alexandra. The timeline doesn’t exactly look shady, but I also think Alexandra and Andrew have known each other for many years – he’s a producer, and something is pinging on my drama-radar.

Anyway, Alexandra and Andrew had their wedding in New Orleans. Alexandra is apparently working there on a project, and two of her friends had married in NOLA and she always loved the vibe. So she organized what looked like a pretty simple ceremony, even though her first choice was having a wedding in Italy. Her wedding dress is Danielle Frankel. She chose it because “it felt like it belonged in New Orleans and was the right choice for the Louisiana heat.” It’s really pretty! I like that it’s unfussy yet unusual. You can read the whole Vogue piece plus an extensive editorial here – Andrew saw her in her dress before the ceremony! Bad luck!

Photos/Instagrams courtesy of Vogue and Alexandra Daddario.


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