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bitchy | Adam Levine wants to name his third child with Behati after his IG model mistress?


The youths don’t know about Adam Levine’s messy romantic history. Adam has been “settled down” with his wife Behati Prinsloo since 2013. That’s when they got engaged, and they married one year later. Their courtship was shambolic – he went from Anne V to Behati very quickly, then he dumped Behati and immediately started up with Nina Agdal, then he had a wild weekend with Behati (while he was with Nina), then he dumped Nina via text and suddenly he and Behati were back on and engaged. We would hear rumors here and there that the marriage was in trouble and, let’s face it, Adam Levine has always reeked of cheater-douche. But Behati keeps popping out babies, and she’s currently pregnant with their third.

All of that was background for this insane story. So, Behati is pregnant. Enter Sumner Stroh, a 23-year-old Instagram model. On Monday, Sumner posted the TikTok below. In the TikTok, she claims that she had an affair with Levine but she was young and she didn’t know he was married. She says it was a “manipulative” situation. Well, the affair has been over for months (?) and out of the blue, Levine contacted her. He wanted to know if she would be okay with it if he and Behati named their third child Sumner. My goodness…

I have always known – without question – that Adam Levine is completely sleazy and a cheater. The fact that he’s been hitting up Instagram models and carrying on behind Behati’s back isn’t surprising, but it is appalling. Even if a dude is a known cheater, it still f–king sucks when he cheats on his wife of eight years who is currently pregnant with their third child! And what kind of deranged lunatic wants to name their child after their mistress?

Now, all of that being said… Sumner Stroh sounds like a piece of work too. Birds of a feather, right? I think people might have gone along with the idea that she “didn’t know” he was married, but the fact that she was sharing Levine’s texts to her friends? And one of those friends was about to sell her out and that’s why she “had” to make the TikTok? I’m sorry, she’s a tacky, clout-chasing a–hole, even if that clout is from an “elevator music” band.

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