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bitchy | Aaron Rodgers debuts a new look, ripped from an iconic ‘Con-Air’ character

For a hot minute, it seemed like Aaron Rodgers was ambivalent about his football career. During the pandemic, he seemed to be flirting with right-ring politics and anti-vaccine dumbassery full-time, although it’s worth noting that Rodgers did play a somewhat full ‘21-22 season, minus the break when his unvaccinated ass tested positive for Covid. I had my doubts as to whether Rodgers would return to the Packers this year. But he has. He arrived at training camp this week and he debuted a new look, which was actually a vintage ‘90s look. The aesthetic is: Cameron Poe, aka Nicolas Cage’s character in Con-Air. The Packers even posted a lil’ video:

Question: why did he drop his bag in the parking lot? Is some Packers serf being sent out to collect his backpack just because Rodgers wanted to recreate Nic Cage’s glorious Con-Air wiglet in the breeze? I remember when Con-Air first came out – yes, I’m that old – and people could not get enough of Cage’s Travolta-esque wiglet. It barely moved the entire movie! And that’s what Rodgers wanted? I guess. Hey, at least we’re not talking about how Rodgers lied about being immunized and how he mocked the idea of… reading books.

Photos & video courtesy of the Packers’ social media.

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