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bitchy | A cooling hat, a heated eyelash comb and a personal trimmer


From CB: I read an article on Jezebel about preventing UTIs with D-Mannose and so I ordered this brand. It seems to be working so far, fingers crossed. I also wanted to again tout these arch support shoe inserts by Nazaroo. I buy them for every pair of shoes and they really help prevent plantar fasciitis. Here are some more things Hecate and I are looking at on Amazon.

A soft cooler you’ll want to bring everywhere this summer

From CB: I have the 24 can version of this cooler by the same brand, Lifewit, and I love it. I got it in 2019, it’s just as good as when I bought it and I use it all the time. This one comes in 27, 32, and 48 can capacity sizes priced from $29 to $34. It’s a little fancier than mine and has a separate top compartment. You can use it with ice packs or even with loose ice as it’s leak proof and washable. This cooler has over 9,000 ratings, 4.6 stars and a B on Fakespot. Reviewers say it is comfortable to carry and keeps things cold for a long time. “On the way down (8 hour drive) I had frozen steaks, ground beef, chicken, and breakfast sausage in there with lots of ice packs, and it was still completely frozen when we arrived 8 hours later! We were very impressed. During the days at the beach, we had a couple big ice packs and a smaller one in there and our stuff stayed cold all day.” Here’s a link to well reviewed large cooler ice packs.

A hat that protects from the sun and gets cool with water

From CB: These unisex bucket hats from Mission are said to be great, packable hats that keep the sun off while serving double duty. They have a unique feature that makes them cool when wet. Mission bucket hats come in seven different pattern and color options, which fit most, all under $20. They have 4.5 stars, over 2,700 ratings and an A on Fakespot. Reviewers say they work very well for staying cool in the summer. “Love it for mowing lawns in the hot Texas heat. Wet it down and put it on. Helps keep your head cool.” “I bought this hat because I needed something cooler because I work outside. It is perfect for my needs and it keeps my head cool. I do wet the hat down and store in my cooler until I am ready to head outside. I can also wet it down again when it begins to dry out from the heat.”

Heavy duty bags with straps suitable for moving, storage, laundry and more

From CB: I’m moving soon and am looking for ways to make that easier. Plus my son is headed to college and will need to pack his clothing, towels and sheets. These heavy duty bags by Venu have straps that make them easy to put on your back. They hold up to 50 pounds of items and come in blue and gray and in packs of 4, 6, 8 or 10. They have over 18,000 ratings, 4.8 stars and a B on Fakespot. Reviewers say that they’re very durable, long lasting and convenient. You can even fit clothing on hangers in them and use them to move shoes. “These bags were perfect for moving our son out of a college apt.! During this pandemic, we had to make several trips in our masks and being able to put the bags on our backs like back packs helped double our ability to hand carry boxes, etc. I love these bags for my college boys and definitely recommend as a must have! Very sturdy and perfect room size for all types of packing needs.” “I bought this to put shoes, clothes, blankets/bedding type items inside for my upcoming move. So far they seem great. I fit a ton of shoes into the first one.”

A heated eyelash comb that both curls and straightens

From Hecate: The one beauty trait I was blessed with is long eyelashes. They were a gift from my father’s line. So I like to emphasize them when I can. I usually just curl them with my crooked finger, but this Panasonic heated eyelash comb has me intrigued. It only takes one AAA battery to operate and can be used with or without mascara. The comb is usually $15 but it’s on sale for $13.50 right now. I’m sure there will be a learning curve where I’m involved but I’m still game. They’re pretty dummy proof, unless I melt my lashes off. It got 3.3 stars from more than 4,600 reviews and an A on Fakespot. Most of the negative reviews seem to be user error, though. The comb is great for brittle lashes, “I was looking for something that didn’t pinch my lashes because I have a problem with them falling out. This is the holy grail!” But users warn that it works hot when you first get it so use caution the first few times. And it works to straighten overly curly lashes too, “I used this product in the opposite direction (combing from the top down) and it straightened my lashes enough to wear mascara and achieve a desired effect. So if you have too curly lashes, try it! It’s gentle, quick.” Other people who bought it suggested making sure you cap it every time and clean it often so it works properly.

Body oil that helps fade scars and stretch marks

From Hecate: Honeyskin organic body oil not only acts as a moisturizer for your entire body, it helps with scars and stretch marks. It works for dark spots, acne scars, and fine lines as well. It’s made with vitamin D and almond oil, which has vitamin E and Omega 3, all of which is fabulous. It comes in a 4 oz bottle for $15 or 8 oz for $25. It has 4.4 stars with over 1,800 reviews and an A from Fakespot. Customers say it really reduced their acne scars and worked quickly. It even reduced oiliness, “Very visible difference within about 2 weeks! Also I struggled with oily skin, and my skin is actually less oily when I use this product!” They also say it not only works, it smells great, “Smells awesome and feels great. I also have been putting it on my stomach, and it thankfully seems to be helping fade the stretch marks.”

A personal trimmer that has so many uses

From Hecate: I’m always looking for an easier way to remove hair from my body. I swear one day I’m going to give up and go full Cousin It. Until that time, I’m looking at razors. The Wahl rechargeable razor also comes with a trimmer, a shaver and a groomer. So it covers bikini, eyebrow, underarm and face. It could do legs, but it’s small and might take a while. This one is really pretty in rose gold but there’s a nice purple version too. It usually sells for $30 but it’s selling for $25 currently. It has 4.2 stars from over 12,000 reviews and B from Fakespot. Apparently it works for the shaving-impaired, “I have yet to nick myself with it, which is saying something as I am quite clumsy. The flat, round attachment works great on shorter hair (like stubble) and it gets the shave super close to the skin.” And it comes in a sleek design that’s easy to hold, “It is easy and comfortable to hold and you can use it in the shower. Charging is easy and it really cuts painlessly and precise.”

Silicone Mason jar lids for easy storage

From Hecate: We use Mason jars for a lot at our house. We use them as juice glasses but also for leftovers sauces and egg whites or yolks when I separate eggs. They also make for good layering dishes and small trifle cups. You get the point. But, the canning lids are a nightmare. Not only do I repeatedly lose one or both parts, they rust and get gross before the jar is unusable. So these silicone lids are perfect for any non-canning uses. And they’re only $12 for 12 lids. Plus I like the bright colors. They got 4.6 stars from ReviewMeta from over 6,000 reviews. Oh, they’re dishwasher safe, too, “They go through the dishwasher just fine and come out nice and clean (and not warped).” One customer said they work even better than the instructions say they will, “The instructions mention they might not be 100% leak proof, but I’ve tested them by flipping the jars completely upside down and shaking them vigorously (like I said they’re great for protein shakes lol) and not a single drop leaked out!!!”

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