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Baby Doge Review, The BEP20 Token With 420 Quadrillion Token Supply!


Baby Doge is a BEP-20 token that runs on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain. It claims to be the next Dogecoin and has even received a cryptic tweet from a certain person who put his backing behind Dogecoin. Can this token be the next Dogecoin? No, it will never reach the heights of Dogecoin, that is because it’s not an Altcoin but a token running off the back of the BSC/BNB blockchain.

The Baby Doge Token
The Baby Doge Token

Although some tokens have seen great pumps in recent months, they are not known for being stable, one week it’s up and the next it’s way down. For a token to gain traction they need constant interest and a utility to make them desirable. If you are weekly trading and the token is down then a punt would be a good option, but anything long term we just do not see any growth continuing for this token.

The only pump Baby Doge received was a very vague song “Baby Doge, Doo doo, do and so on. Since then the owners have come out swinging and making claims to be the next Dogecoin. After all, it stole its whole existence from its elder Dogecoin.

Baby Doge Review Update 2022: Since writing this review back in 2021 Baby Doge has NOT added any more utilities and is still pushing the wallet and swap as their main mission statement. Nothing has changed but if we see any more news or updates concerning Baby Doge this review will be updated ASAP!

Updated Baby Doge Review 2022

The Baby Doge Mission And Utility

With claims of being another charity token and a friendly community is about all Baby Doge has to offer. Although it has partnered with various online stores and plugins as a way of payment, just be sure to make your purchases quickly before your investment loses value.

All meme tokens look great from the outside but they always tend to disappoint, yes they add in the charity section, which is always great. Another important point to make about Baby Doge is no one knows who is behind the project, so at any moment they can pack up withdraw any invested equity and exchange funds back to their blockchain coin (BNB).

This is also known as a rug pull, when the owners think the token is fat enough they pull the rug from under your feet. Although we are not claiming it is a rug pull, but all the information points in that direction sooner or later!

  • Started June 2021
  • Decentralized finance
  • Claims of charity donations @5%
  • Redistribution to holders @5%
  • Minor partnerships
  • No exchanges
  • Can be purchased from Pancakeswap V2
  • Paw wallet
  • Talk of a Swap!

The Breakdown Of The Baby Doge BEP20 Token

  • Audited – No
  • Token type: BEP-20
  • Blockchain: Binance blockchain
  • Number of holders: 566,000
  • Max supply of coins: 420 Quadrillion
  • Revealed owner: No

Where Can You Buy Baby Doge?

Baby Doge is not available for sale on any crypto exchanges but can be purchased from Pancakeswap, Gate.io & Poloniex. But first, you will need to buy BNB, convert to a Binance smart chain and then buy Baby Doge through Pancake swap with a Metamask wallet. This is the easiest way to buy Baby Doge because no well-known exchanges will list this type of token.

The Token Holders – Whale Watch

Baby Doge Whale Watch
Baby Doge Whale Watch

After looking over the wallet holders of Baby Doge it looks like there are many whales in this group. There are many million-dollar holders so there will be a lot of resistance to making any gains in the near future.

Some wallet holders will cash out when they think the token has reached maximum pump and then will dump their share.

Once this happens users will lose interest and start withdrawing, then there will be a domino effect among investors who want to make a profit before more whales drop their bags.

Is Baby Doge A Scam?

We would not class Baby Doge as a first-rate scam, but the whales are big and there are many. Because there are no names or faces behind these projects makes you wonder if they will eventually pull the rug from under your feet.

  • Whale Alert: High
  • Crypto Exchanges: No
  • Invest in Baby Doge: NO!
  • Trust Score: 1/5

Final Review Of Baby Doge

Our final Baby Doge review is negative, just because someone tweets about a token should not mean it’s legit. The future looks good for tokens that provide a utility or a reason to survive, apart from charity claims and a paw wallet does not make investing a solid choice. It claims its success from a very popular alt coin that will make huge moves.

Another thing to watch out for with this token is the copycats, there are many tokens all calling themselves doge this and doge baby ETC, so be sure you are using the right contract if for some reason you want to invest in a project taking all its success from another much more popular crypto.


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