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Amazon Fashion partners with Snap to let shoppers use augmented reality to try on eyewear – GeekWire

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Amazon is partnering with Snap for an augmented reality fashion experience that lets customers digitally try on different eyewear brands and styles and then make a purchase.

The “Virtual Try-On” shopping method gives 363 million daily active Snapchatters access to thousands of eyewear styles in Amazon Fashion.

Amazon said that the two companies established 3D asset standards that enable Amazon’s library of assets to be integrated with Snap’s AR Try-On Technology. Amazon’s tech works with Snap’s lenses to allow 3D assets and product information to be shared, as well as dynamically updated, providing shoppers information on selection, product details, and availability.

“Millions of customers regularly use Amazon’s AR shopping technology across categories in our stores, with Virtual Try-On for Eyewear being a long-time customer favorite,” Muge Erdirik Dogan, president of Amazon Fashion, said in a news release. “We are delighted to partner with Snapchat and further expand AR shopping for both fashion brands and today’s new generation of digital shoppers.”

The shopping lenses will be available through Amazon’s public profile on Snapchat — @amazonfashion; in Snap’s Lens Explorer across the For You and Dress Up tabs; and in the Snap Camera Lens Carousel.

To use the experience, customers can go to Amazon Fashion’s profile page on Snapchat and tap “lenses” to be directed to the selection of eyewear styles available to digitally try on. Once a customer makes their selection, they can click to purchase in the Amazon Fashion store.

It’s the latest innovation in the fashion space for the tech giant. The company opened its first Amazon Style clothing stores this year, blending its technology expertise with shoppers’ lingering desire to still be able to touch and try on items. In 2017, GeekWire tested Amazon’s “Outfit Compare” tool and we tested Prime Wardrobe as a new way to shop for and try on clothes in 2018. Amazon also has a sizable private label clothing line.

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