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5 Steps To Get HHA Certified

5 Steps To Get HHA Certified

Choosing a Home Health Aide: The Experts Weigh In | LK Daily Money ...There are few occupations whose representatives are always in demand, one of which is a home health aide. Their duties include personal care (dressing, bathing, feeding), light housekeeping, socializing, monitoring medications taken, cooking, and other household duties. The work is specific but has many advantages:

– A high salary, especially for those who are willing to include cooking, cleaning, and transporting the ward to the hospital in the list of duties;

– The ability to choose the most convenient schedule;

– Receiving paid vacation and sick leave;

– the feeling of fulfilling a critical social mission;

– satisfying an internal need for companionship;

– no problems with finding job openings – the number of offers for aides is growing all the time in all states.

The following will detail how to become a home attendant and home health aide in the United States.

Step 1: Analyze Your Requirements

No matter how rosy the prospects are after graduating CPR training ma, the candidate first needs to make sure that they meet the current requirements, namely:

  1. Has reached the age of 18.
  2. Has a high school diploma.
  3. Can drive and has their vehicle (preferably).
  4. Does not smoke, abuse drugs, or alcoholic beverages.
  5. Has no criminal record.
  6. Sufficiently communicative, not prone to conflicts, tolerant, and resistant to stressful situations.
  7. Has good physical shape. The presence of pathologies in the musculoskeletal system may be a barrier to successful work as a home health aide.
  8. Willing to perform the same duties for extended periods.
  9. Able to perceive and comply with the wishes of the employer.

Another responsibility of the aide is periodic verification of qualifications. So it is not enough to try once and successfully pass the test — in the future, you will have to prove your knowledge and skills again every 2 years.

Step 2: Choosing a training center

The leading search criteria are:

  • reputation and reviews;
  • the duration of the service provision;
  • the cost of training;
  • number and content of programs;
  • technical equipment;
  • qualifications and experience of teachers;
  • provision of additional services.

The best option would be a center that offers home health aide training and job placement. That way, you can get a job much faster, without having to look for an employer on your own. At the same time, if the conditions offered do not suit you, no one prevents you from finding another job, especially since there are a lot of requests. Just consider that the salary size is directly proportional to the workload at work. The assistant’s task is to strike a balance between the desired salary and the number of responsibilities he is entrusted with.

Step 3: Determining the best training program

Training center offerings can vary in:

  • duration;
  • the format of training;
  • number of topics;
  • the language of instruction;
  • the need to purchase additional literature.

Step 4: Attendance

The training period takes an average of 4-6 weeks and includes:

  • online or offline lectures;
  • taking tests;
  • Practical exercises on each topic;
  • practicing first aid and CPR skills on modern dummies;
  • counseling before taking the exam.

Step 5: Receiving your HHA certification

Once the program is complete, it’s time for the exam. It includes:

  • Providing written answers to 60-70 questions on thirteen topics;
  • evidence of practical skills (depending on the program, there may be three to six).

The certificate, which the NAHC issues after successfully passing the test, is a document that entitles you to work in a particular state as a home health aide. Without it, you can’t legally get a job. It is valid for two years and then renewed, and it is advisable to avoid gaps and take care of this issue beforehand.

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