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3 Best ODI innings of Sachin Tendulkar


When it comes to ODI cricket, no player could match what Tendulkar has achieved in this format. He had always been far ahead from the rest. The master blaster made many records on the field, and it makes you wonder that whether those records would ever be broken.
Usually, the record innings are the ones that gets boosted the most, but we feel the best innings are those which have a much bigger impact on your career. Thus, we will be picking the best 3 ODI innings of Tendulkar that had an impact on his career.

3.       98 off 78 balls Vs Pakistan at Centurion in 2003 World Cup

India vs Pakistan rivalry always made cricket more fun to watch. These encounters could make anyone a hero. When Javed Miandad would struck Chetan Sharma for a six in 1986 on the last ball to win the Sharjah cup for his team, Pakistan would end up remembering that for the rest of their lives.

Akhtar had promised to knock one at Tendulkar’s head before this match and he had crossed the 100 mph barrier when he bowled one to Nick Knight of England

But when in 2003, the 5 foot 5 little master took on Waseem, Waqar and Shoaib Akhtar, hell broke lose.
Pakistan had scored 273 and with the pace attack they had, it should had been their first ever win against India in a world cup. But that was not going to happen, as Tendulkar went for Akhtar the very first over. Akhtar was taken out of the attack by his captain after his very first over.

India would go on to win y 6 wickets and that six over Akhtars head would replace the memory of Miandad going after Chetan Sharma

2.      143 Vs Australia at Sharjah in 1998, Coca Cola Cup

 Mission Desert Storm

India had been given given a huge target of 285 to be chased. Considering this was in the 90s, it was a hug task. But to reach the finals, India had to score 254+ which would allow them go past New Zealand and meet Australia in the final again.

India was to be defeated in the match as they were 143/4, but than a sandstorm struck. Play would resume with a revised target of 276 and 237 to secure the final spot.

Jadeja had already been lost and India’s hopes of playing in the final were on the shoulders of Sachin Tendulkar. With Warne and Flemming bowling, Sachin played those kind of shots which might have looked as if they were slogs, but to be fairly honest they were well executed shots. While India did not win the match, a determined Sachin would make sure to get his team cross the 237 mark before departing and coming out again on finals day.

1.    82 off 49 balls against New Zealand at Auckland in 1994

While, this was not a century stand, but a lot of the centuries that did came later on his career was because of this innings. It was this score of 82 that actually laid the foundations of Sachins career.
Sachin was known for being a middle order batsmen, but before this match, Navjot Singh Sindu had been declared unfit due to a ankle injury. The 20 year old Sachin was asked by than Indian coach Ajit Wadekar, that whether he wanted to open the innings. Unsurprisingly Sachin accepted the offer.
The kiwis were bowled out for 142 runs by a bowling attack that consisted the likes of Kapil, Srinath and Kumble. Sachin would than walk out with Ajay Jadeja where Tendulkar would attack Larsen and Chris Pringle all over the ground. India were declared winners by the 24th over.

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